A homogeneous fluorescent assay for cAMP-phosphodiesterase enzyme activity.


Cyclic adenosine monophosphate-phosphodiesterases (cAMP-PDEs) regulate the cellular level of cAMP by selectively catalyzing the hydrolysis of the phosphodiester bond in the cAMP molecule. They play important roles in modulating cellular and physiological functions. There is a growing interest in the study of cAMP-PDEs as therapeutic targets. We describe a novel method for measuring the enzyme activity of cAMP-PDEs that is based on a homogeneous fluorescence assay employing a cAMP-dependent DNA-binding protein (CAP). We demonstrate that the assay is quick and robust compared to traditional methods and is expected to be cost-effective for high-throughput screening of cAMP-PDE inhibitors. The usefulness of the assay is demonstrated by measuring IC(50) values of three nonselective PDE inhibitors and by kinetic measurements of cAMP-PDEs from various rat tissues.


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